Lisa Dredge Lisa Dredge

Kyoto is surrounded by mountains, beautiful soft landscapes in the distance. My son lived there and when I visited the sense of calm I felt was so powerful. Even though you are in a city with all its sounds and vibrations the place is still very quiet. The streets are quiet, the people are quiet, the houses are quiet. No one shouts or even talks loudly in the street, you rarely hear loud music or televisions despite the old wooden houses having walls paper thin. People simply keep the noise levels low. The feelings I have in Kyoto have inspired my work. I became fascinated by the short curtains (Noreen) that hang outside restaurants, shops, hotels, houses etc. They are hung above entrances, across windows and can act as dividers between rooms. I love the Noreen’s movement created by the wind or by the entering or exiting of a person. From the street you can almost see into the building beyond the Noreen, almost, but not quite, What imagination thinks it is seeing is so enticing. Noreen, so contrary - they invite you in whilst blocking your way.